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VI Institute VIP PEEL Precision Plus Kits
VI Institute

VI Institute VIP PEEL Precision Plus Kits

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This advanced chemical peel combats pigmentation with the Lighten Booster and fast acting Brightening Booster. This powerhouse formula effectively suppresses melanogenesis and promotes rapid cell turnover for improved skin tone, to soften fine lines, reduce brown spots and dull skin. The Precision Plus peel is also one of the most advanced formulations for the reduction of melasma.

This peel is almost painless (slight burning sensatiion) and most patients experience 5-7 days of mild flaking to peeling of the skin. You can apply makeup the very next day if needed. It is recommended you avoid the sun for 7-14 days post-procedure. For best results a series of 3 VI Peel Precision Plus is recommended

This peel is ideal for ages 18+ who suffer from sun damage, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and hyperpigmentation.

For optimal outcomes, most individuals benefit from a series of 3 treatments.

Each kit includes:

VI PEEL Solution (5 ml) + Precision Plus Dual Booster;

Two Precision Plus towelettes;

Three post peel towelettes;

One prep towelette;

Two cleanser sample packets;

One application cup;

One 2x2 gauze for peel application;

One VI Derm Moisturizer (1 oz); and

One VI Derm SPF 55 sun protection (1 oz).

Easy to follow instructions included

The VI Peel will not improve eczema or vitiligo.

Q: What can I do if I have redness/chapping during the peeling process?
A: The skin is irritated and needs to heal and rehydrate to normal levels. You can use Aquaphor to help heal the irritated skin in that area.

All kits are at least a year away from expiration date.

Buyer Beware: We are fully transparent unlike other sites. We're the only legitimate online seller with authentic VI Peels.

All of our VI Peel Kits are guaranteed authentic from Vitality Institute.
For any questions or advice about which kit is right for you email us at: or call us at: 303-888-6359.

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