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SkinMedica Illuminize Single Peel Kit

SkinMedica Illuminize Single Peel Kit

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The SkinMedica Illuminize Single Peel Kit may be just what you’re looking for if:
Your skin looks dull and flat.
You wish you had radiant, more youthful appearance.
You are interested in having a chemical peel for the first time.
You have very sensitive skin.

Illuminize Peel is designed to improve the appearance of minor skin imperfections and brighten tired skin. After an Illuminize Peel your skin will look brighter, fresher, and healthier.

The Illuminize Peel doesn’t cause any visible skin peeling and only a little redness. It’s so mild that it’s fine for people with sensitive skin, as well as all skin tones.

There might be some mild redness or discoloration, but it lasts only a few days. Most people find that it’s easy to cover with light makeup.

Contains everything you need for one complete peel.

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