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Lira Clinical MYSTIQ INTENSE C15 Booster
Lira Clinical

Lira Clinical MYSTIQ INTENSE C15 Booster

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Complete your Skin care with a Powerful Vitamin C - Are you ready to boost your radiance? Visibly brighten and reduce dark spots with our Vitamin C Serum. This is formulated with a powerful concentrate of 15% BV-OSC Vitamin C that improves collagen synthesis and brighen the appearance of sun damaged skin.

Reduce Wrinkles, Refine and Illuminate your Face with Natural Ingredients - This serum is complete with Orange Plant Stem Cells that promotes skin cell production, tissue structure, and collagen production; Mastiha that helps in illuminating the face and minimizing pores and Hyaluronic Acid that minimizes wrinkles and lines while improving skin's flexibility

Brighten Dark Spots - Our Vitamin C Serum is formulated to dramatically brighten dark spots with precise pigment reduction. The powerful combination of botanical ingredients aim to diminish uneven skin or dark spots to tighten and deliver glowing, smoother skin.

Suitable for All Skin Types - This powerful and highly concentrated anti-aging serum is remarkably soothing and easy to integrate into your skin care routine. Safe and ideal for combination, dry, oily, normal and especially for sensitive skin types.

1 oz.

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